Anokye Supremo’s manager has revealed Anokye’s last words before he was sent into the surgery room where he lost his life to Ghanaians when he appeared on Anigye Mmre, an entertainment talk show on Onua FM.

According to Anokye’s manager, Isaac Kobina Zakk, his late artiste took his phone and recorded a song with the message ‘Take your country Ghana, a country that does not offer support’.

I want to disclose to you and your listeners today, before Anokye was taken to the theatre that day, he told me he has a song he wants to sing so I should record and the message in the song says ‘Take your country Ghana, a country that does not offer support’ “, The manager said.

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Isaac Kobina Zakk explained that Ankoye made it clear that he might not make it from the surgery and that he should ensure his message is sent to Ghanaians.

Anokye Supremo died after days of being in Coma in India where he has gone to treat his Brain Tumour that rendered some part of his eyes blind.

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