Anupamaa Written Update 18th March 2022 Episode Vanraj To Ruin Anu & Anuj’s First Holi

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In presently's episode of Anupamaa, Anu thinks that she has carried out Holi for 26 however it appears to be like like this yr's Holi may very well be her first. She thinks about strategies to protect herself from completely different so that they can not color on her face as she needs Anuj to be the first particular person to make use of color on her face. Proper right here, Anuj feels excited critical about participating in Holi with Anu. Within the meantime, Vanraj will get indignant as he thinks about Anu and Anuj participating in Holi. He thinks that just like Holika burnt presently, he'll burn their happiness too.


Throughout the subsequent scene, the doorbell rings. Anuj will get excited contemplating Anu has come and goes to open the door. Nonetheless, he'll get seeing Vanraj there. He asks him in regards to the objective for his arrival. Vanraj tells him that just like people go to their buddies in Holi, he had come to go to his enemy. Anuj asks him to cut the crap and easily depart as he doesn't have time to hearken to his foolish talk about.

Vanraj asks him if he isn't centered on his talk about. Anuj says that he always repeats the an identical dialogue. Anuj says further says each Vanraj says that he's once more or he says that he's not going to depart Anu. Other than this, he doesn't have one thing new to say to him. Anuj says that he's not to hearken to his nonsense talk about. Vanraj calls Anuj mannerless for insulting a customer and kicking him out. Vanraj tells him that Anu will not be going to return to him regardless of how onerous he tries.

Anuj wakes up from his sleep. Appears, it was his nightmare. Anuj thinks about Anu and says that they're going to definitely play their first Holi collectively. Proper right here, Shah's family performs Holi by making use of color to at least one one other's faces. Anu wears a white saree and praises her magnificence whereas wanting inside the mirror. Samar sees her and says that she seems blissful and prays for her happiness. Anu smiles and prays for him too.

Samar asks her to come back again out nevertheless Anu says that she is prepared for Anuj and asks him to close the door. Later, Vanraj is on the market in colors and knocks at Anu's door. Anu acknowledges Vanraj's scent and asks him to go. On one different side, Anuj wears a raincoat and his face in a helmet, and reaches Anu's house. Will Anu and Anuj have the power to play their first Holi collectively or will Vanraj spoil their plan? Watch Anupamaa on Star Plus and adjust to us for further updates.


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