Any woman who lives expensive lifestyle but no rich family or job is not a marriage material – Reno Omokri

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, who seems to never run out of words of wisdom has blessed his followers with a very important nugget this morning.

Reno in his latest post has said that any woman who a very flashy lifestyle but doesn’t have a rich background or a to prove the source of her wealth is not a marriage material.

Reno noted that a woman of that nature will only damage the who goes to her.

Read his full words below:

“Dear men, A woman with: * Car
* Human hair
* iPhone
* Jewellery
* Expensive shoes and
* High taste in food

but, no rich family, job, or business commensurate to her lavish lifestyle, CANNOT be the one, except satan wants to END you! ‪ a PARTNER, not a PANTHER. A PARTNER is a SPOUSE that adds value to you. A PANTHER is a TOUT that consumes the value in you. LOOK before you LEAP, or you will RUE and WEEP. MARRIAGE to a PANTHER is DAMAGE, not MARRIAGE!‬”

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