The Billionaire and software developer stated on his official Twitter page that, there is no alternative treatment to coronavirus apart from a vaccine.

In the said post, Bill Gates revealed that, “Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirusIt’s going to require a global cooperative effort like the world has never seen.”

The Billionaire moreover stated that, “there’s simply no alternative”. According to him, “We’d need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective to stop the outbreak. Most of the drug candidates right now are nowhere near that powerful.”

He again explained that, these drugs could save a lot of lives, but they aren’t enough to get us back to normal. His claim on monopoly of treatment leaves a big question:

Does it mean that the Madagascan traditional medicine is being ignored or blacklisted by the World Health Organization and Bill Gates? Should Africans take the vaccine whilst the World Health Organization decides not to pay attention to the herbal medicine??