Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19, many are stucked at home, while companies are looking for solutions.

Apple and Google has announced their partnership in order to develop an app to track COVID-19 cases.

This app is intended to track your movements in order to detect if you have come in contact with an infested person.

Your device will be able to use bluetooth to detect if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Both companies will use application program interfaces, APIs to get informations from public health authorities.

This app will also give you the opportunity to report if you have been tested positive for the virus.

According to Apple and Google, the APIs will be available in May.

Bluetooth devices will be used to track the covid-19 cases for now.

This app will also instruct users to praactice social distacing and also remind users to take other preventive measeures serious.

Privacy and security.

Apple and Google  made it clear in their blogpost concerning the app about the privacy of users.

Privacy of the users will be made available to the app in order to determine who you came in contact with.

For this reason, one have to apply to be taken on the app in order to prevent insecurity.

Apple and Google will ensure your personal data is safe and will not be shared.