Archipalago blasts Cardi B for wearing long nails

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archipalago and cardi b

American Borga, Archipalago, has now upgraded with the kind of people he wants to jab on social media.

He has now turned unto American Female rapper, Cardi B.

Archipalago is blasting Cardi for wearing long nails.


Not only the musician but other Slay Queens who also wear long nails.

According to him, he sometimes wonder how these Slay Queens including Cardi B are able to wash their vagina with those long nails.

cardi b long nails
cardi b with long nails

Archipalago for the first time wanted to impress us with his ‘allo‘ English but it ended horribly as usual.

Watch video below:

In related issues, I don’t think the length of nails determines how a lady would manage to wash her ‘honey pot’.

What I know is the v*gina cleans itself so it is not like you need to be sticking your fingers up inside of your v*gina to clean it anyways.

But they wouldn’t get in the way. Obviously chicks with long finger nails know what to do in order to not scratch themselves in other situations.

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