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Are The Botez Sisters Half Sisters?


Two brilliant young chess players who are well-known for their skills are Andrea Botez, 21, and Alexandra, 28. On their shared Twitch account, BotezLive, the two have been spotted playing a range of chess games, including quick-fire variations like Blitz and Bullet.

The eldest of the two sisters, Alexandra, is the more well-known chess player, though Andrea is not a slouch either. Both sisters are undoubtedly more gifted than most players, even though neither possesses the coveted title of Grandmaster.

Alexandra Botez, the oldest of the two sisters, has undoubtedly done more than her younger sibling. She is a Ladies FIDE Master of the International Chess Federation and in September 2016 she got her highest FIDE rating of 2092.

During the second round of the Pogchamps online amateur chess competition, Botez was a member of the commentary team. Botez participated in Pogchamps 3 once more in 2021, this time as a coach and pundit for CodeMiko. She re-joined the Pogchamps commentary crew in 2022.

Are The Botez Sisters Half Sisters?

Andrea and Alexandra Botez are full siblings, not half-siblings. They share the same parents. Their father, Andrei Botez, is a certified architect and also likes to play chess. Their mother’s identity hasn’t been made public yet.


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