Some police officers at the Asokwa Police Station implemented a new form of punishment to arrogant Ghanaian citizens without face masks.

Some unlucky Ghanaian citizens who step out without face masks are given little groundwork to do by the Asokwa Police Station officers.

They are taken to areas that are very bushy and made to weed around or pick up a bit of rubbish.

A video that popped up had one officer explaining that their measures are just one aimed at keeping Ghana clean.

Their move has won the hearts of many socialites who believe they are doing great.


The government has ordered its citizens to compulsorily wear face masks when going out.

They have also educated all citizens to take the basic precaution measures seriously such as washing their hands frequently with soap and under running water and also using alcohol-based sanitizers.

Ghana’s COVID-19 case count as of today stands at 6,167.

Watch The Video Below: