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Asteroid 2013 BO76 LIVE – Nasa says ‘close approach’ of giant space rock at 30,000mph due to happen TOMORROW


If an asteroid hit the Earth, half three

“So that you burn issues, kill all the pieces within the ocean, and freeze the Earth, and it goes by about two years of fixed winter,” Scharringhausen added.

He doesn’t assume that every one life on Earth would die after a big asteroid affect since some small creatures survived the asteroid strike that when killed the dinosaurs.

Scharringhausen defined: “Not all the pieces will die. If we’re eager about folks, the way in which to outlive can be to get underground.”

“You can possibly trip it out in a bunker in case you’ve obtained the provides to make it by that interval of winter the place you may’t develop any edible meals.”

“Possibly the finicky crops that people prefer to develop received’t come by it so properly, however there’s that seed repository, so if these are well-protected sufficient, you possibly can get agriculture restarted.”


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