Ghana’s Telecommunications Chamber has released their 10 commandments with regard to how their services being provided should be used  during this lock down season, Citinews reports.

The body pleaded with Ghanaians to do away with unnecessary video calls within 9am and 11am as well as 7pm and 11pm.

According to them, such a time frame is the digital rush hour and that many students may be using such an hour to undertake their online studies.

“Avoid the use of online entertainment services during digital traffic rush-hours (9am-11am and 7pm -11pm), to allow telecommunications networks to meet the most demanding needs of communication applications, professional office teamwork and distance learning, which are crucial to a large number of Ghanaian citizens and businesses and critical to the functioning of the entire economy. If you are using service like Netflix, YouTube reduce the quality of the videos from high to standard definition to conserve bandwidth,” the Chamber noted.

Take a look at their commandments below: