Baby girl born on EgyptAir flight given free air travel for life

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egypt air baby

A baby girl born on EgyptAir flight has hit a jackpot after she was given a free air travel for life.

The baby’s mother who’s a Yemeni woman identified as Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban gave birth on an airplane while traveling from London to Cairo last week.

Newyork Post reports that Daaban was on an EgyptAir flight from the UK capital to the Egyptian capital on Wednesday, Sept. 16, when she went into labor while passing through German airspace.

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After being told that a pregnant passenger was in pain, the flight’s captain requested an emergency landing in Munich — but the passenger gave birth before the plane could land, EgyptAir tweeted the following day.

While not an ideal birthing environment, the unique experience not only gave Daaban and her baby a good story, but EgyptAir also awarded the newborn free lifetime travel aboard the airline.

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Passenger Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban’s baby was awarded free travel for a lifetime after being born in flight.

EgyptAir announced the celebratory prize on Twitter, alongside a photo of the infant with two masked individuals and a congratulatory message to both Daaban and Egypt Airlines chairman Rushdi Zakaria.

EgyptAir took to Twitter to write: “The pilot, Rushdi Zakaria, Chairman of the Holding Company for Egypt, congratulated the passenger Hiyam Nasr Naji Daaban, a Yemeni national, for her safety and granting her newborn a free lifetime travel ticket, which she gave birth on board the plane during the EgyptAir flight yesterday from Cairo to London.”

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