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Barcelona fan to provide launch for his rival Real Madrid fan for 3 consecutive months after loosing crazy El Classico bet.

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A Barcelona fan from tomorrow Monday 12 to 12 July will have to buy launch for his Real Madrid counterpart as indicated in their agreement prior to the just ended El Classico.

It wad yet again Another entertaining day for football fans in across the globe as Real Madrid Beat Barcelona 2-1 in the Spanish capital to go top of the table.

Prior to the unpredictable game, one “Johnnie”, a Barcelona fan and “Sammy” pens an agreement for the looser of the game to purchase launch for his counterpart for three months.

The Result means Johnnie is now obliged to do the needful. However It was stated in their agreement that the launch will not worth more than 20 a day.

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Bet Agreement between a Barcelona and Madrid fan

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