Bawumia embarrassed himself politically, academically by comparing dumsor to COVID-19 comparison – Alhassan Suhuyini


Ghanaian broadcast journalist who works at Radio Gold and Member of Parliament for Tamale North Constituency Alhassan Suhuyini says Vice President Bawumia has embarrassed himself by comparing dumsor to COVID-19.

Dr. Bawumia, in a recent speech, blasted former president John Mahama for saying Ghana’s economy under the leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is struggling.

Dr. Bawumia at a media engagement on Monday said the government has ensured a resilient and buoyant economy despite the harsh conditions presented by the COVID-19.

The Vice President also said the NDC government during the power crisis could not effectively manage the economy.

Responding to Bawumia’s claim, Alhassan Suhuyini fired:

“Dr. Bawumia in his response only spoke about data he never shares or shared and even when he does, we all know what he is good at. Comparing apples to oranges. Embarrassing himself academically and politically. In the past, he got away with it but now people are beginning to see it.”

“He thinks he can still compare a pandemic affecting the world to something like dumsor even though we have Ebola to compare with. When he decides to share data, he avoids Ebola and does the academically ridiculous thing. Bawumia wants us to believe our economy is robust, but ask yourself where is the money government is using to deal with COVID-19 coming from. The first major tranche of money came from the stabilization fund. Since the NPP came into power since 2017, they have contributed nothing to it.”



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