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Be a man enough to tell a lady that you don’t want her again – Lady tells men


Some men are living with women that they know deep down their hearts that they’ll never marry.

Just that most of them don’t have the courage to tell their women that they’re no more interested in them.

Some men also know in their heart that they won’t marry the lady they’re currently dating but because of the benefits they’re getting, they can’t just come forward and say they’re no more interested.

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Well, a Facebook user by name Athanasius Grace Kelechi has entreated men to gather courage and tell their lady that they were no more interested and stop wasting their time.

“Be a man enough to tell a Lady that you don’t want her again
Than to keep wasting her time.”, she wrote.

Here’s what a local man also have to say about using phones in toilet.


  1. The same way you should be a woman enough to tell the men u are cheating or you have found someone else so they can choose to stay or leave, rather than hiding it and be playing both side. You women are always the problem, I m yet to see scientists come up with a solution to you people your problem you are never satisfied with what u have.

    All in the name of love someone’s son who is highly knowledgeable and a degree or Master or PHD holder than you, breaks down and cry like a baby all because of u people under the umbrella we call love.

    Madam if you have an advice go advice your other women and not men, what prevents you from being bold and telling the man you are already with someone so you don’t need him, but u hide under the saying “after all I am not yet married or he is not even married to me so I can do what I want” what do u mean by that statements you people have been saying.

    There are women in this world who will resist and stand up for their men who are even far away from them and vice versa so why can’t all of u learn from such women.

    See if you know u are not ready to love and marry the person just don’t fall in love with someone’s innocent son and avoiding people’s heart, because of you people some faithful ladies whom we approach tell us they trust men so they can’t fall in love with we the innocent and naive one’s. Some men go about playing with the heart of ladies and sleeping around because of an experience they had with a woman whom they loved they ended being hurt by the same woman so due to this they are playing and sleeping around just to get their revenge.

    I think I need to end here so I don’t be too emotional.


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