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Beautiful lady eats Fufu with palm soup in Trotro

fufu in trotro

An unknown lady who can’t hold unto her hunger anymore decided to eat her bowl of fufu with palm nut soup in a Trotro vehicle.

A fellow lady who shared the photos in Trotro Diaries Facebook group noted that she was shocked that a food like fufu was actually consumed in a public space like inside a commercial vehicle.

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The said lady ate the food in a vehicle heading from Madina to Koforidua.

Sharing the photos, Naa Ayeley wrote:

“Hellooo can I have your attention houseeee!!! Today is my first time posting here…. I couldn’t help it from madina to koforidua this madam is about to eat fufu and palm nut soup… I thought it was a joke till I watched her finish eating jezzzzz m still shocked here”

See photos below:

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fufu in trotro fufu in trotro



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