It takes a strong heart to withstand challenges but it takes a stronger spirit to turn your obstacles around for one’s benefit.

This is exactly the story of a Twitter user who has shared with the world a comforting yet sorrowful story of her life.


@KaraboTebedi is a lady who shared photos of herself on Twitter. Ordinarily, every lady will love to put her nice and eyecatching photos on display to receive marginal attention from all whom it may concern.
However, Karabo Tebedi shared these photos to tell her story to the world. The story that tells her ordeal of her having genetic bodily scars that have dented her image.
This experience should make her cull into her corner and never come out. But that Karabo lady has strong self-esteem regardless of how unwholesome her skin has become.
The South African lady’s tweet has generated massive reaction and many have described her as bold, courageous, mentally tough and beautiful.
Her story is to inspire and encourage everyone to love and appreciate him or herself irrespective of your current state or predicament.
Check Out Her Tweet Below:
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