‘Before I met you, a woman had stabbed you 4 places in your body’ – Michy reminds Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and his mama, Shatta Michy has started their usual dating fights and this time it seems so much intensed than the previous ones they have ever had.

Reports emerged yesterday that Shatta Michy took some important documents, Shatta Wale’s newly bought Range Rover and bolted with her son, Majesty.

As it stands now, Michy came out this morning confirming the reports.

According to Michy, she can’t stand Shatta Wale’s abusive nature any longer as no one will be willing to stay in an abusive draining relationship.

She has however made some more revelations which when proven to be true, will boldly make Shatta Wale to be the most ungrateful lover on earth.

Michy took to her IG timeline and wrote:

Before I met you, a woman had stabbed you 4 places in your body, your daughters mom was disgracing you in public from Police station to the next, she didn’t even believe in your talent but you never did them how bad u do me…I have a life & I owe myself that love & care I so freely u without u having to drag me in mud…I’m done.

This shows the extent at which Michy has supported ‘ungrateful’ Wale….

See Screenshot Below:

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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