The public is being warned of many fake social media accounts that are being used by scammers to dupe many unsuspecting individuals.

This was revealed by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Gustav Yankson of the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Service.

"Beware of men who hide behind female profile pictures on social media to blackmail and dupe people" - Head, Cybercrime Unit 
ACP Gustav Yankson

According to ACP Yankson, unsuspecting men receive friend requests from persons purporting to be ladies on various social media platforms.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem,  he said the so called women willingly strike friendships with the men and most of the time show interest in them.

These unsuspecting men, ACP Yankson said, after sometime receive ‘surprise videos’ from the ladies, which mostly contain explicit videos of their private parts.

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The supposed ladies the request the men to reciprocate the gesture by also show off their genitals to them.

Once the unsuspecting men do so, they are recorded by these criminals and used to later blackmail them.

He cautioned men against agreeing to the demands of women to show explicit images of themselves.


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