American singer-songwriter, Beyoncé, has been spotted in a Ghanaian hair-dressing saloon.

She posted photos of herself on Instagram posing in a Ghanaian hair-dressing saloon. A lot of people are asking if she’s already in as there were hints that she’ll be coming for the Year of Return.

Oh! Someone might be asking that what shows that she was in a Ghanaian hair-dressing saloon?


Well, in the photos you can see a gridded photo of different women having natural hairstyles hanging on the wall.

Yes! That’s one key thing you’ll see when you visit a typical Ghanaian hairdresser.

Swipe through the photos below:


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Is in Ghana?

The answer is No! She may be coming before 2019 ends but the fact is she hasn’t arrived yet.

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These particular photos were taken in the shop of a Ghanaian hairdresser known simply as Kwasi who lives in America. So perhaps, went to him for her hair to be fixed.

That should also be a confirmation of how loves Ghana.

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