Biology teacher wears internal organs bodysuit to teach students


A teacher in Spain has come up with an inventive way to teach students about Biology, according to reports. 

Veronica Duque, 43, donned a bodysuit depicting the inside of a human body to help her year four class “visualize the disposition of internal organs”.

She arrived at the lesson at Maria Teresa Inigo de Toro school in Valladolid wearing a white coat before removing it to a mixed reaction.

There was “confusion, shouts, applause and some covered their eyes”, Ms. Duque admitted to El Pais.


She wanted to make the class more practical. She used that to court their interest before she went for traditional plastic bust the school uses to teach Biology.

Ms. Duque revealed she found the costume by pure chance after seeing an advert online and decided to buy it.

“I found it very interesting because the organs are seen from behind,” she told the Spanish newspaper.


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