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Blame Shatta Wale for Nigerians cold attitude towards Ghanaian artistes – Fredie Mawuli


On Friday, some Nigerians draconically adopted a dinosaurian and ignominious reception to performances of Ghanaian artistes at the Zylofon Media/MenzGold official launch in Nigeria.

This rather unfortunate action of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria has infuriated several Ghanaians with many calling for retaliation by boycotting Nigerian music in Ghana and also henceforth, give same dosage to their music icons when they perform in Ghana.

Let me ask, do you think Nigerians don’t know Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy to the extent of ignoring them on stage and watching them with no interest like mannequins in a boutique as they performed ?

Please let’s stop blaming the media and almost everyone in Ghana for the disgrace and rather
blame Shatta Wale for the disgrace he brought upon Ghana. Yes, let’s blame no one but Shatta Wale. Truth is like a bitter pill, it hurts but must be told to solve future predicaments.

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The cold behaviour exhibited by Nigerians towards Ghanaian artistes few days ago is as a result of Shatta Wale’s unnecessary series of attacks and insult to WizKid and Nigerians as a whole.
Prior to the Zylofon event last Friday, some Ghanaians had performed in Nigeria, were those met with such scorn reaction?

If we can have a very quick flashback, during the Shatta Wale/WizKid fued, many Nigerians threatened to teach us a lesson just because of Shata Wale’s disrespectful and dogmatic tendencies towards WizKid and them with his several inimical Tweets, Snaps, Facebook posts and LIVE videos in which he directly attacked and ridiculed Nigerians.

Some of us condemned this approach but we were tagged as haters.
Indeed, Shata Wale even though advocates for Ghana’s music to be promoted, is also, in one way or the other is indirectly bringing the Ghana music industry down with his vilification on them and everyone across the board. This is the truth. You can accept it or refute it.

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During the kerfuffle between Shatta Wale and WizKid, did anyone hear WizKid say or write a thing on the issue? He showed maximum maturity.
Although Shatta Wale did his best to eventually reconcile with him he didn’t reconcile with Nigerians as a whole which was quite unfortunate.

He bragged to Nigerians that he was king. Yes he is a King in Ghana and we appreciate that but he forgot that you can be king on your land but not someone’s.

Shatta Wale was in Ghana singing “He enters Nigeria with free WiFi” but we all saw what happened when he got there to perform. It seems when he got there the WiFi had a strong password or maybe his data bundle got finished.

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Respect is very reciprocal. Let’s be real with issues and let Shatta Wale know that it is only when the wind blows that you see the anus of a fowl and If U pamper FLATULENCE it becomes SHIT. His ‘FLATULENCE’ to Nigerians months go had a ‘SHIT’ spillover effect last Friday in Nigeria.

I’m not in anyway supporting the drab actions adopted of some Nigerians on our artistes last Friday. My point is, we allowed enmity to be created by Shatta Wale which was quite needless and we all saw the end result last Friday. To every action there is equally a reaction.

Article written by the VillageTalkative Fredie Mawuli from our brothers at Ghanacrusader.com


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