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The sudden demise of renowned photographer Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie Bob Pixel Ghana on the 25th February 2021 has taken over ’s social media space.

So far celebrities and people who have had an engagement with Bob Pixel are pouring in their shock of his demise and the good moment they shared together in the line of work.

The tributes depict, he was indeed a good man who loves his work and was committed to giving nothing but excellent delivery.


If you will talk about contemporary professional photography in Ghana, your list cannot be complete without Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie known for his works as Bob Pixel.


Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie is also known as Bob Pixel comes from Asokore Mampon in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Emmanuel Yeboah Bobbie believed to have been born in the 1970s had his tertiary education at University of Science and Technology where he graduated with a degree in Communication Design in 2001.

After graduating, he left Ghana for the United Kingdom where he stayed and work for a while.

When he was asked in an interview if he saw himself becoming a professional photographer, Bob Pixel said; it was not part of his plans. He ideally wanted to become a lawyer when he was a child.

However, In the University for Science and Technology, there was a course in photography as part of the Communication Design program.

At the time, he was only studying to make sure he passes his exams and not to professionalize it and venture into photography as a career.


While working in the United Kingdom, his workplace had some great designs and pictures.

That he believes was the turning point for him to professional become a photographer even though it was part of his undergraduate program at KNUST.

In 2004 in the United Kingdom, he began a photographer journey of what made him niche the name Bob Pixel for himself.

When he decided to move from the UK to Ghana, his mother and friends were not happy about it.

Some of his friends questioned why he was doing well in the UK but want to abandon that only to pursue a career in photography in Ghana.

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But that decision paved way for many young Photographers to take inspiration from Bob Pixel.

Mr. Bobbie has since then captured nostalgic pictures with his camera, notable among his many “storytelling” Picture was the one he took of an old man whose name was given as Baba Abdulai in Kojope in the catchment area of Fulfulso-Sawla road in the then Northern Region and now Savanna Region.

The image as captured is below with all relevant details.

Just as Baba Abdulai wished the drone he held could be expanded big enough to take him to Mecca, the picture went viral and the Turkish Government granted Baba Abdulai his wish to moving him to Mecca to undergo his Islamic pilgrimage.

These among many others was how impactful the works of Bob Pixel Ghana were.

Not only was a photographer capturing moments, but he had a heart for humanity and kept telling real-life stories with his lenses.


The quality of his work was top class and that drew series of celebrities in Ghana to him to work with.

With over 15 years under his belt as a professional photographer, Bob Pixel has worked with celebrities such as actress , rapper , actor and politician , Menaye Donkor-Muntari; wife of Footballer , actress and actor James Gardiner.

He was also a preferred choice for corporate organizations because of the quality of his works and has equally undertaken projects for Some of the notable agencies and companies in Ghana.

Among them are UNICEF (Living with Refugees) Vodafone-Ghana, Ecobank, Emirates, GH Fan Milk, Guinness Ghana, ABL, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and many more.

Even though it’s heartbreaking how he has left, his works we believe will live to tell great stories in the which most have already done.

His humor, humility, and how sociable he was on Social Media is Well emulating. Aside from his busy schedule, Bob Pixel Ghana admitted he loved driving and was equally particular about his immediate family and children.

Interestingly his Bio on his Facebook page read as “A Sinner Trying To Make It To Heaven”. If the voice of the people is the voice of God, then we believe indeed he left for Heaven.


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