Bola Ray reacts after a sculptor designed a scary statue of him


Since  yesterday, there was a ‘scary’ art work circulating on social media said to be that of EIB Boss, Nathan Kwabena Adisi popularly known as Bola Ray.

The supposed statue of the media personality and business mogul went viral with netizens cracking jokes about it.

bola ray statue

Well, Bola Ray appears to have also seen the viral art work and reacted accordingly.

In a post across his social media handles, he asked that what name should be given to the statue.

bola ray statue
bola ray statue

He quizzed that is the art work a ‘work in progress’,  ‘men at work’ or ‘it is a finished work?’

Oh who did this? What do we call it? ‘Work in progress’, ‘Men at work’ or ‘It is finished’ 😀”, Bola Ray wrote.

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