A boyfriend has gone to the moon and back to put up a very big and grandiose birthday party for her girlfriend by showering her with wards of Cedi notes that is mind-blowing.

The lady who has been identified as Bella was celebrating a birthday party and per the video, she had multiple cakes and was taking her time to cut each of them.

When she got to the cake her boyfriend presented to her, she patiently cut it open with the hope of seeing a surprise.

And as she expected, her knife touched a plastic stretch of cover neatly hidden in the cake.

Bella decided to pull out the plastic stretch only for her to be met with utter surprise.

GHS100 and GHS200 notes have been neatly arranged in succession as she continues to pull it out. She pulled and pulled as her friend sing for joy and shout to a toast of excitement.

The video was shared by Okeyere Kwame Tawiah on Twitter and it has generated a conversation.

Many things are hidden in birthday cakes but for countless wards of cedi notes to be stacked in a birthday cake proves how the gentleman is madly in love with the lady.

Watch Video Below: