bulldog kneels to greet peter amewu

In a viral trending photo on social media, Artiste manager, Bulldog could be seen on his knees while greeting newly elected Hohoe constituency MP, Hon. Peter Amewu.

The situation has got social media users talking. Because Bulldog is well known to be someone who ‘doesn’t bow’ to authority [not in the disrespectful way].

He’s well known for blasting and calling out people whom he does not agree with without considering their power and position.

A vivid example is how he attacked and blasted President Nana Addo on several platforms because according to him, some policies and decisions by the president doesn’t make sense.

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It’s hence a surprise that ‘almighty Bulldog‘ has humbly knelt down to greet Peter Amewu, the Energy Minister.

bulldog kneels to greet peter amewu

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