Late Fennec Okyere was Kwaw Kese’s manager before his death. He was murdered in cold blood but till now, his killers have not been found.

After his death, many fingers were pointed at ’s manager then and now, for having a hand in his death since they both have bad blood between them taking a cue from their constant attacks on one another on TV and radio.

But speaking in an interview on UTV, Bulldog said he has no hand in the death of Fennec Okyere. He noted that their beef back then was planned.

And that it was for the purpose of making themselves popularly as well as the artistes they’re managing.

Bulldog noted that people didn’t know their constant ‘fight’ on TV and radio was planned, that was why fingers were pointed at him after the death of Fennec. But the fact is, all that was planned for ‘Showbizness’ purposes.

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He said:

“I had a friend Fennec Okyere who was also an artiste manager. They said I was the prime suspect when he was killed. We had a planned “beef” to remain relevant as artistes managers but we were friends. What we used to do was if we are going on radio, we discuss the tangent both sides will go so that we can attack each other and create a perception in the minds of the people. Sometimes even when I’m not on the show he will attack me and later call me to tell me what transpired so that if i also appear on another show I can fire him too.”

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