Burna Boy, who prides himself as the ‘giant of Africa’ music has wittingly reacted sharply to Davido’s self-description of himself and Wizkid as the Greatest of all Times.’

Earlier today, Davido made a very bold declaration on his social media handles where he ascribed a very debatable title to himself and Wizkid with an accompanying photo.


The photo which had Davido and Wizkid clad in white cloth with splashes of chalk decoration on the face of Davido had the arguable and enviable caption: The 2 greatest of all times! No.

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A few hours later, Burna Boy wrote something so figurative on his Snapchat that has a bearing to what Davido had shared earlier.

You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team but your daddy bought the football tea,.” he wrote.

Twitter has been set ablaze by the comments from Burna Boy which implies that Davido is not a talented singer but his father used his wealth to influence his rise to the top.

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Read Some Reactions From Some Nigerians On Twitter Below:

Below Is A Supposed Response From Davido To Burna Boy: