Cardi B Celebrates Settling $30 million Lawsuit With Ex Manager

Cardi B
Cardi B

The Bronx rapper settled the two-year legal battle that saw her ex- Klenford Raphael also known as Shaft, suing her for $10 million and Cardi B countersued for $30 million.

He sued her for $10 million in 2018 for breach of contract for ditching their agreement and signing with Quality Records.

According to Raphael, he discovered the 28-year old superstar, and he was the reason behind her success. However, he said he was then cut from managing the artist, which affected the money he was owed for discovering her.

Court papers show that the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice – bringing an end to the dispute as each party also agreed to pay their own costs- lawyers’ fees.

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Cardi B reacted to the end of the legal fiasco as she tweeted an article about the settling of the dispute. She said, “feels good to be free.”


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