Cardi B went live recently on Instagram and her face looks so smooth even without make-ups.

A curious fan tweeted at her that she should reveal her ‘skincare routine’ that has enabled her to have such a fine face.

“drop the skincare routine.  @iamcardib”, the fan tweeted.

Cardi B saw the tweet and replied that the secret for her smooth face is ‘CUM‘ which means sperm.

It’s widely believed that sperm can take care of ‘acne’ but it’s not scientifically proven.

Is Sperm Good for Your Skin?

Yup, this is an article about sperm. On your face. On purpose. And yes, we’re aiming to prove that it might actually be something you should be doing.

Have you stopped squirming yet? Well get ready then, cause we’re about to tell you all the reasons why you might want to start letting your man finish in the last place he thought you’d ever let him…

1. It’s packed with protein & minerals

Semen is packed full of protein, which can help tighten your skin, while a whole plethora of minerals (including zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fructose) can also work to nourish and soften.

2. It can make you look younger

Logically, this stuff makes babies, so it’s gotta have something to do with making you look younger right? Truth be told, semen is actually full of a crazy-powerful antioxidant called Spermine that has been shown to diminish wrinkles and smoothen the skin.

3. It includes a natural toner

Semen also includes urea, an organic compound found in urine that also serves as a non-toxic natural toner. For the record, it’s also one of the main ingredients in many commercial hair removers, which seems like it could totes be beneficial as well.

4. It also works in reverse

Just for the record ladies, our own personal juices contain estrogen which is also very good for the skin. So the next time your guy is having a break out moment, kindly offer to sit on his face.

It’s not without it’s cons

Now before you run off and start collecting every drop of semen your boyfriend ever produces, be advised, there is some drawbacks to the sperm facial. Aside from the fact that it obviously doesn’t smell anywhere as good as your standard over-the-counter creams, but it also packs a serious punch of testosterone which can severely dry out your skin and/or cause acne. Also, if you haven’t got a man, it’s going to be one expensive beauty habit – spermine facials at major salons normally go for around the $250 mark. Best be sticking with that Olay single ladies.

Ref: 29secrets