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Carole Hoff Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Children, Now, Net Worth, Daughter, Nationality


Carole Hoff got married to John Gacy, knowing fully well that he had been found guilty of rape. She believed that he had learned his lesson and served his time for his crimes. Shortly after they got married, he started a property maintenance business and moved into his own home. Hoff left her husband in 1975 after he became physical during an argument over a chequebook and his behaviour became erratic. In 1976 she divorced him on the grounds that he was seeing other women and it was at this time that John let his urges run wild and killed a dozen more people.

Carole Hoff Wikipedia

Carole Hoff has no information on Wikipedia, but here is few information about her.

Carole Hoff is known for being John Wayne Gacy’s second wife. John was a serial killer and convicted sex offender in the United States. Carole and John were best friends throughout high school before getting married.


Carole Hoff is expected to be in her 80s by 2022.


Carole Hoff’s husband is John Wayne Gacy, they got married in 1972, they were high school lovers. However, they got divorced in 1975.


Carole Hoff has two children.


Carole kept a low profile after she and John got divorced. She may still be alive, although that is unknown. It is still unknown where she is present.

Net worth

Carole Huff’s net worth is estimated to be at $50k.


Carole and John have no child together, but she had two daughters from a previous relationship named Tammy and April.


Carole Hoff’s Nationality is American.


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