“Catch an African politician’s fingers dipped in palm nut soup, he will tell you it is meant for pedicure” – Bright Simons


    Ghanaian social innovator, entrepreneur, writer and vice-president at IMANI Bright Simons has wittingly described the dishonesty of African politicians.

    With the use of literary devices and understanding, he created a perfect scenario where these politicians will still remain untruthful.

    It is an undebatable fact that most African leaders are self-centered, corrupt and morally bankrupt and the citizens know this.

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    In a tweet, the President of mPedigree expressed how politicians have been unfair to their followers and served them with mediocrity.

    The narrative must change but interestingly these leaders are products of their societies. These societies imbibed these uncouth qualities in them.

    Check the tweet below:



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