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The entertainment industry in Ghana is quickly growing. It is hard to keep a solid track of the news in this industry due to its exponential growth. Therefore, we built the Celebrities Buzz portal. Our aim is to deliver the most happening news in Ghana now. This is the perfect spot for you if you wish to keep a track of the industry. Get the most relevant and spicy news from across the country within seconds. News on Soap Opera Shows With our special news portal on soap opera shows, you can keep a track of the lives of your favourite TV stars. We bring you the latest gossip from behind the scenes of the most popular shows on the TV. With us, you can become the first person in your group to know what happens to the protagonist in the next episode! Check out this space to track the latest Ghana news online. News on Reality TV Show Stars Want to know who is bluffing and who is actually suffering on your favourite reality TV show? Keep a track of the most happening news in Ghana now with our articles on these reality TV shows. Find out who is going to get evicted out of the house or who is planning on leaving the show soon with our latest news headlines today! Crisp News Headlines Do not want to waste your time reading long and tiring articles? Get the gist of the news with our Ghana headlines that contain crisp snippets of the most relevant news. Now, you can stay up to date with all the latest news in the entertainment industry by spending just 15 minutes reading the news online. News with Pictures Do not just read the trending news in Ghana anymore. Instead, see and experience it with high-quality images on our website. News with Short Video Clips The best part about reading news online is that you get to see relevant video clips with the news. We back up our claims of the news with the most relevant sources and videos. Therefore, you can be sure of the authenticity of all the news that you read on our website.   Celebrity Relationships Read the spiciest gossip about the relationships of celebrities in the industry before anyone else. We update our breaking news section frequently so that you have access to the freshest material on the internet. What are you waiting for? Read the best news in the entertainment sector right away!