The cause of the Achimota Neoplan Trotro car fire accident has been revealed.

In our previous post, Celebrities Buzz disclosed that there was an accident at the Achimota Neoplan that had a trotro car burnt down to ashes.

Our co-founder was at the scene and interacted with some eyewitnesses who were present at the scene where the accident occurred.

Based on their updates, a long vehicle carrying bags of charcoal had a failed break and crashed into a Sprinter trotro car resulting in the fire.

Although no lives were lost, we were told passengers in the two cars had been rushed to hospital.

Firefighters later arrived at the scene to ensure that all was well. The trotro car is damaged beyond repair.

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About the second accident:

Another confirmed report reveals that a taxi driver has hit another car at the same scene and there is currently a little misunderstanding there.

We are working on getting more exclusives there.

Watch The Video Below:


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