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CCTV camera captures pregnant woman who went stealing with her kids in a mall

family stealings

In this life now, we have to be careful out there. Because it appears criminals are now out there in all colours, shapes and sizes.

A video going viral on social media sees how a pregnant woman who appears to be in her 30s sending her 3 children on a stealing spree.

In the CCTV footage which appears to  be captured in a shopping mall, one can see the woman galavanting around with her 3 kids.

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They made a stop with the woman pretending to be on a call. She then asked one of her daughters to pick the bag of an innocent woman sitting near-by taking her drink.

The small girl cunningly with proper experience pulled the bad bit by bit until she laid full hands on it.

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The family after getting the bag took to their heels. But thanks to the CCTV which was right above them captured all their criminal acts.

Watch video below:

A Facebook user after watching the video wrote that it was poverty who forced the woman to do this.

Fortune Bongani Muqulo: Poverty can create such circumstances, some crimes are created by poverty

Another FB user was also concerned with the future of these kids:

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Pheello Maleleka: Sad that children as young as these are introduced to a life of crime at this very ages.


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