A Celebrities Buzz source in Togo has sent us CCTV Footage of the moment DJ Arafat’s motor bike hit the car which caused his death.

A lot of people are blaming Denise Laffafiette, the lady who was driving the car for causing the death of the renowned musician.

The  place where the accident happened is an intersection. We can’t tell if traffic lights are working on that particular road.

But you can see that the lady came from the left lane and entered the lane on which DJ Arafat was driving.

Now, Arafat’s fault is, he was driving at a very top speed. So just when the lady branched unto his road, his motorbike crashed straight on the lady’s car.

If he were to be driving at a reasonable speed, he could have at least reached a brake.

Watch the video below:

Here are photos of his totally damaged motorbike after the accident.

You can also see here the very last video of DJ Arafat before he was sent to the hospital after the accident.

You won’t believe what is going on in his house in Cote D’Ivoire as we speak.