Cecilia Marfo replies Kennedy Agyapong for saying he spits in the mouth of her church members for miracle

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kennedy agyapong and cecelia marfo

Just yesterday June 2, 2020, a video went viral on social media that sees Kennedy Agyapong sending strong warnings to Gospel musician and Prophetess, Cecelia Marfo.

Kennedy alleged on NET 2 TV that Cecelia Marfo as a source of her healing powers spits in the mouth of her congregations.

“Cecelia Marfo, I am giving her a warning….very evil girl. I love her music a lot but I’ve watched a certain video and after seeing the things she has been doing, it’s so disgusting. Now why all of a sudden, Ghanaians cannot observe the behaviour of people? As for her, her healing powers is demonstrated by holding the mouth of her congregants and spitting inside it”

“I am coming to you. She has opened a church at Tema. I have a lot of filla on her. We cannot tolerate that”.

Now let me say this, anytinme you try to talk about the wrong doings of women, some people will comeout to say you’re attacking women so I want to sound a word of caution to the women that we cannot allow this woman especially in this time of Coronavirus to be doing that., Kennedy Agyapong said in the video.

Well, Cecelia Marfo has come out to respond to the MP for Assin-Central constituency.

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Speaking during an interview on Onuapa Radio on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, the Prophetess noted that everything she does in her ministry is a direction from God so she’s not senseless or stupid as critics are making her seem to be.

“I am not stupid as he may think and will do whatever comes into my mind, I was only following the directions and commandments from my father Jesus Christ”.

By this, she’s simply implying that spitting in the mouth of people is also one of the directions she receives from God.

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Well, let’s keep our fingers clenched to see what Ken Agyapong will tell her.

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