Home Ghana Entertainment News “Celebrities actually influence the outcome of campaigns” – John Dumelo

“Celebrities actually influence the outcome of campaigns” – John Dumelo


Ghanaians favorite actor, Politician and entrepreneur, John Dumelo has disclosed that Celebrities play a major role in the outcomes of elections.

In an interview with Arnold on his “VibesIn5” show stated that political parties cannot come to office without the active involvement of celebrities.

Celebrities played a major role in both the NDC and the NPP campaign. I mean NPP went for celebrities NDC went for celebrities and I think to some extent celebrities actually influence the outcome of campaigns. But at the end of the day, I don’t think political parties can do away with celebrities. I don’t think so”, he said.

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When I first heard the story I spoke to a colleague who was there and he said no, Koku never mentioned the word celebrities. I think he said, strangers.

I don’t think he necessarily said celebrities. It would be hard for me to comment if I haven’t heard him say or mention celebrities.“For him, he can define strangers in a different way, so I don’t know what he meant by strangers. Strangers could have been even people in the party NDC that he thought they were strangers or it could even be outsiders that he thought they were strangers”, he added.

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