agyin asare private jet

Founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has spoken on what he thinks about ‘men of God’ owning private jets.

According to him, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it and if he has the opportunity to buy one, he’ll do so gladly.

“I don’t have a jet yet but if I got one, I wouldn’t reject it … so the businessman it’s ok to have a plane but the pastor, it is wrong to have a plane, why?” he quizzed.


Elaborating on his reason, he said the private jet enables efficiency in travelling especially when they are visiting other countries to spread the word of God.

He gave an example that anytime he’s visiting Dr. Congo, he always had to take a plane to either Togo or Kenya before catching another flight to this country.

And this waste a lot of time because in actual sense, Dr. Congo is just 3 hours far from . So if he had his personal private jet, he would have simply travelled at ease instead of going through the hassle of using the regular airplanes.

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“I travel a lot, there are times you are going to Dr Congo, you have to take a flight from here to Togo, or Kenya and there are times you do transit of 8 hours when the journey from here to DR Congo is 3 hours. If I have a flight, I would have cut off all those hours,” he stated.

Speaking further, Bishop Charles Agyinasare said the fact that there are poor people in the church doesn’t mean things that would enable efficiency shouldn’t be taken care of.

He stated that ‘poor people can never finish in the church’. Because as the old church members are groomed on how to have a better life, new members — some of whom are poor would join the church from the streets.

So we cannot say because there are poor people, pastors shouldn’t be allowed to buy a private jet which will help the job.

Listen to him speak below:

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