Check out first Lady Rebecca Akuffo Addo’s mothers day message to all mothers

Today, we are all celebrating our who loved us unconditionally and can die for us whether we right or wrong. Our mothers never sleep when we are ill or sick.. all am trying to say is that, mothers are the best.

Read our first Lady Rebecca Akuffo Addo’s day message to all mothers below..

“Today, we celebrate and pay tribute to a unique figure in our lives, our Mother. A mother is God’s gift to her family and the world. The bond between a mother and her child is a spiritual bond that can never be broken. So on this day, I will like to call attention to some issues that affect the well-being of women and children.
It is a mother’s responsibility to ensure the family is safe and healthy.
I encourage all to ensure they and their families sleep under treated mosquito nets every night and exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least six months. Every mother must make sure her children receive all their vaccinations, at the right time and teach older children regular hand washing with soap and under running water to them from getting unwanted infections and diseases.
Breast and cervical cancer are known to be the leading cause of cancer deaths for women. But early detection and treatment save lives. Please examine your breast every month and immediately see a doctor when you notice any changes in your breast and undertake regular checks for cervical cancer.
As an advocate for the of mother to child transmission of HIV, I urge every pregnant woman to know her HIV status. With early diagnoses and treatment, babies can be prevented from being infected with HIV from an HIV positive mother during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also, affected can live long healthy and happy lives, to care for their children and families.
Maternal mortality still remains a major healthcare problem and I believe it is our collective responsibility to reduce the risks that pregnant women face while carrying a baby. Please attend antenatal check- ups and follow the advice of your health provider.
It should be the delight of every mother to see their children get an education to give them equal advantage in a global space. We as must see to it that our children, especially our girls go to school and stay in school.
Happy Mothers’ Day to all our remarkable mothers.”


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