Christian Atsu helps a freed prisoner to start-up a business

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Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu in collaboration with Crime Check Foundation have helped a freed prisoner to start a business of his own for survival.

Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng who happens to be the Manager of Crime Check Foundation taking to his Facebook page wrote:

Most exconvicts re-offend and go back to Prison because of stigma and lack of job opportunities.

That’s why Crime Check Foundation in collaboration with Christian Atsu has come up with the CCF Reintegration Project which seeks to support exconvicts with means of livelihood.

Amo Mensah is one of the beneficiaries. After coming out of Prison two weeks ago to hear his wife is married to another man, he had to spend the night on the street.

Through our new initiative, he has been given five sacks of belts to sell for a living. That is our contribution to reducing crime among exconvicts in Ghana. The devil, they say finds work for idle hands.”

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