charlotte oduro and christiana awuni

Actress Christiana Awuni has descended on Counselor Charlotte for saying wives should pamper their cheating husbands.

Counsellor Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro who gave the advice, stated that it is not an endorsement for men to cheat but antidote to be used by wives to stop their husbands from making it a habit.

“Let me tell you this, if your husband cheats some people find it difficult to understand why I say when he cheats and come home make love to him. The bible says the moment you marry, you have no authority over your body again…the man has no authority over his body, the woman has no authority over her body. You are together as one”, she revealed in accordance with the teachings of the bible.

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Reacting to this, Ms. Awuni says she doesn’t find any sense in what the counsellor said.

Speaking on Accra FM, the veteran actress said when she personally hears Counsellor Charlotte talking, she become angry. Because it’s as if she’s always attacking women as if the men don’t have any right to be corrected.

Ms. Awuni feels Counsellor Charlotte should balance her criticisms and that when she lectures women, she should do the same to men as well so that the whole thing wouldn’t be one-sided.

Watch the video below:

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