Christiano Ronaldo in Trouble as he is under investigation for breaching COVID-19 protocol

Arguably the best player in the history of football, superstar Christiano Ronaldo popularly known as CR7 has been been accused of breaching COVID 19 protocols.

CR7 tested positive after a nations league match against France and currently self isolating which made him not to take part in his side’s 3-0 victory against Sweden and other important matches for his club side.

The Italian Minister for sports alleged that the player did not respect protocols of the Global Pandemic and is under investigation by the Federal prosecutors office to prove it.

Back on the 15th of October this year the minister said, “Without authorization from the health authorities, l think he (CR7) Violated the protocol”. The player Responded with a post on his social media pages to debunk the allegations made by the Minister . He wrote “ l’m respecting the protocol. I did not break it as has been said. It’s a lie.

However the Minister insist on his allegations after telling the public yesterday that the Player is being investigated. He was quoted saying “Christiano did not respect the protocol. There’s an investigation by Federal prosecutors office to prove it”

We wish CR7 a speedy recovery as we look forward to see him on the pitch soon.


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