kneel to welcome pastor

In viral photos on social media, church members of Charisma Ministries in Lusaka, Zambia knelt to welcome their pastor Prophet Ian Genesis to church.

As part of the Easter celebrations, he shared chicken to his members and with that too, they knelt to receive it.

Posting the photos on Facebook, he wrote:


“Today I felt like appreciate all our church leaders and committed members with a full chicken each,to go and share with their families at home. Our ministry has very wonderful members.

This week someone will surprise you with a gift.”


Soon after his post, people condemned his actions — saying it’s not good for his church members to kneel for him as if he was some kind of demi-god or that his members were slaves.

Responding to his critics, Pastor Ian Genesis posted a photo of Prophet Uebert Angel which saw his ‘sons’ kneeling to him.

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Ian said that kneeling to a man of God is a spiritual principle which the ‘world’ cannot understand.


He then went on and asked in another post:

“Show me a single Pentecostal Christian that does not kneel down to be prayed for by their pastor!!! Social media is full of hypocrisy. If kneeling down for Prophet Genesis is wrong,why is it right for your Pastor whom you kneel for?”


As it that isn’t enough, he shared a photo of another man of God, Prophet Makandiwa Emmanuel where his junior pastor knelt to welcome him.

Prophet Ian fumed that “Zambians don’t understand the Prophetic, that is why we are rewriting the syllabus because they have been using a wrong one.”

He continued: “We haven’t seen a Zambian prophet rise because of familiarity. This is arrival of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.”

“God told me exactly who I am and Zambia will rise prophetically”.


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