The Businessman and Member of Parliament for Assin central disclosed during a live TV interview that, citizens are making Ghanaian politicians corrupt.

In stating the role of citizens towards the corrupt acts of the politicians, the controversial member of parliament indicated that, the excessive demands from the subjects is the main cause.

The host pointed out that, these demands are products of the gargantuan promises they(politicians) give the people during campaigns.


The lawmaker further explained that, the demands are more than the salaries of these politicians. He stated that, most of his colleagues have taken loans to an extent that, some of them actually take home as low as 270 cedis monthly.

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He however stated that, when you visit the house of these politicians in the morning, you will see people queued asking for favors. Aside the Businessman stated that, someone equally sent him a message that he was sacked from work so he should “call on his behalf”.

All these he thought contribute to the making of corrupt officials Ghana. Watch the video below.

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