The President of Ghana, Nana Addo, has suspended all social gatherings including church activities for the next 4 weeks.

As such all churches are expected to stop their operations as a preventive measure to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Well, one popular Ghanaian clergyman, Prophet BB Frederick thinks closing down churches is not neccesary.

According to him, that won’t cure Coronavirus and that the Church is out last solution to the pandemic disease.

Sharing this opinion via his Facebook page, Prophet BB Frederick wrote:

“It’s time to look up to God as a nation….The Church of God must arise and speak out…

I’ve been trying throughout the night to get the attention of the Presidency, been calling almost every relevant person I know in this government to deliver my message to the President of the Republic of Ghana, but almost everyone I have called is gripped with fear and looks like they cant convey the message to the President.

We the body of Christ must never allow the fear of Covid-19 to dominate our peace and sanity in this country. It is time to proof the Power of God to this Generation. The only Solution to this Pandemic is the Church, if the Church arise in Prayer, we shall reap a great harvest of Healing in the land, but the nation is doomed if the body of Christ shuts up.

Please Mr President, We have a God ooo, and we believe in our God. I put it to you, the Church of God have the answer to Covid-19…If you dare me, Put together all affected personels and let me call on my God, and see if they wont be healed.

Closing down churches wont help in this matter at all…Infact, the Church is our last hope of rescue, for once Mr Preseident, put our God to test, let national prayer day be declared, let churches come together, let our spiritual authorities arise and come together, let the Christian Council arise and offer prayer unto God and trust me there shall be healing in the land.

How careful can we be as a nation, all these measures the government is trying to take, wont do us any good except we come to the place of prayer as a nation.You can insult me and call me names, but hey, I know the God in whom I have believed, in Him alone, and I repeat Him alone, has the answer to this Pandemic.

My humble plea to the religious authorities of our land is to protest “the close down of churches until further notice”.

If we the church agree to that, the world will laugh at us. Let the church speak out, and let’s make our Heavenly Father proud.

If Africans dont have the physical mechanisms to fight covid-19, atleast we have a God. Mr President, let national prayer day be declared, we shall not hide in our rooms to pray, we shall come out and pray, at the independence square and the land will be redeemed. 

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