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Coconut seller mounts hand washing basin where customers can wash their hands before eating their coconut

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Coronavirus is surely doing a lot of harm to humanity. But then, when we backcast, you’ll realize that it has also brought some good.

For the first time in human history, the whole world is uniting in fighting a common enemy.

Well, in Ghana each and everyone is doing his or her best to follow the precautionary measures listed by the Government and World Health Organisation.

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A piece of evidence is one coconut seller spotted at Cape Coast, with his coconut stand mounted behind President Atta Mills Library.

According to Vishnu Quojo Dadzie Coleman who shared his photo on Facebook, this coconut seller mounted a handwashing basin where customers are directed to wash their hands with soap and running water before they enjoy their coconut.

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Meanwhile, some people are also flaunting rules and regulations and they’re being punished accordingly.

One pastor who decided to hold a church service even though a ban was placed on church activities has been charged by the court of law.


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