New developments are rising in the story between One Soldier Richard Agu and Comfort Bliss GH.

All roads and eyes are set to Obuasi today as Richard Agu takes to the Church too wed his girlfriend but that could escalate after one Comfort Bliss intends to storm the wedding ground to demand monies she spent on her Ex Boyfriend.

Comfort claim she took loans from banks to support Richard during his hustling days only for him to dump her with plans to marry another woman.

But another side of the issue popping up reveals Comfort was the one who dumped Richard and went in for another guy who happens to be a policeman just two weeks after the relationship with her now ex Boyfriend looks shaky. A situation that almost led to the young Soldier taking his life.

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Looks like you have no chance to chop Comfort if you don’t find yourself in any of the Security services.

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Comfort Bliss allegedly broke Richard’s heart and went for a police guy two weeks after dumping him.

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