A Beautiful Ghanaian lady ‘Daavii Sitsofe Fruitfulness’ tells Parents to educate their daughters on the need to leave abusive relationships.

One of the major concerns in marriages now is the high level of abuses women face from their spouse. Most of the victims only suffer more damages due to their inability to be bold and walk away from the marriage.

Their main fear being that they could be subjected to mockery should they end up in the house of their parents again looking hoping for another man to come their way.

But According to Sitsofe the opinion of others shouldn’t be a problem to any woman who want to walk away from an abusive marriage since that is much better than ending up in the grave.

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“Teach your daughters that, Coming home from a failed Marriage is far better than coming home in coffin!. Don’t kill yourself in abusive marriage all in the name of what society may say. Society will gather and burry you when you die.” She stated

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Coming home from a failed marriage is better than coming home in Coffin - Lady details the need to abandon abusive marriage.

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