Ghana rapper Edem real name Denning Edem Hottor has bemoaned how porous the Ghanaian music industry is.

Taking to Twitter, Edem expressed his anger at how musicians in the country are hungry yet they pretend everything is fine.

Edem said this period of Coronavirus where a ban is placed on concerts and gigs has opened his eyes to the fact that most musicians are living ‘from hand to mouth’.

“The corona season has shown how our systems and structures have left artiste and musicians in the cold…We work so hard and pose but every single Artiste is “hungry” How do we get paid ..We all Dey hung ..”, he tweeted.

The father of two cried that our system is such that musicians don’t benefit from Royalties, hence, they look all flashy during their youthful days only to grow into paupers who come begging on radio for financial support.

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He sighted an example of musician Castro that ever since he vanished, how much has his songs made for him which can at least be used to feed his family?

“My fans …And colleagues make we stop pose nice like everything be ok…If not we would meet the same fate ..Let me ask how much has Castro made since he vanished..What if his children are here and need to eat”

He also went on to reveal that rapper Sarkodie has been in the industry for the past 10 years but has not made ‘common’ GHS20k from Royalties. He quiz that what do we expect our artistes to leave down for their children when they’re no more?

“How can  @Sarkodie span ten years in showbiz and not make up to 20 k ghana in those ten years from royalties..What do u want the artiste to live behind for their loved ones…”

Edem again touched on Shatta Wale who has released over 300 songs in his career while he hasn’t received a penny for the use of his songs.

“How can  @shattawalegh release over 300 songs and not get a penny from it for its usage”

Entirely, what Edem is trying to say is time is up for musicians to stop pretending that they’re okay whiles in reality, things are not well with them. He noted that they must stand up and make things right. Edem also dragged veteran musicians for kissing a$$e$ without making the necessary correction, which is the reason why Ghana music industry is still in this mess.

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See screenshots below of the rapper’s rants: