COVID-19: 8,000 police officers ordered to self-quarantine


Some 8,000 police officers have been ordered to self-quarantine.

During the lockdown, an initiative initiated by president Nana Addo, some 8,000 police officers were discharged with the Greater Accra and Kumasi Metropolitan areas.

The Director of Public Affairs, Ghana Police Service, Supt. Sheila Kessie Abayie-Buckman in a Citi News interview disclosed that about 8,000 personnel of the service have been asked to self-quarantine.

“The prime object of the Police is for the Police officers to be well before we can carry out our duties. So for Accra, Kumasi, Tema, and Kumasi, we are looking at not less than 8,000 officers to self-quarantine.”

Supt. Sheila Kessie Abayie-Buckman further added that their blood samples have started to be taken and sent to the institution in charge of the COVID-19 blood testing.

“The Police Hospital has begun taking their samples but the samples are not tested by them but they have a strategy to take their samples. The Police Hospital has its headquarters in Accra but it still has a lot of regional clinics all across the country,” she added.

Source: Citi News


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